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Our Reputation Stands on 30 Years of Credibility

Traditionally, credibility has two key components: trustworthiness and expertise,
which both have objective and subjective components. Trustworthiness is based
more on subjective factors, but can include objective measurements such as
established reliability. Expertise can be similarly subjectively perceived, but
also includes relatively objective characteristics of the source or message
(e.g., credentials, certification or information quality). 


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We are truly your dealer alternative
With a clean, spacious facility, and a well-trained, ASE-certified staff, Keith's Service Center is a more personalized and affordable alternative to the dealership. We'll work with you on a closer, more personal level, and at a fraction of the dealer cost. Our work meets or exceeds new car and extended warranty requirements. Serving the South Bay for all makes and models of cars with our expertise is what we've been doing since 1982.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment
Today's modern vehicles, with their computerized on-board systems, are truly high-tech machines. With the industry's technology changing every couple of years, the automotive technician must likewise stay in pace with the growth. This is where Mitchell Repair Technology comes in, with the most up-to-date service and repair information, as well as factory bulletins on the latest repair procedures. This translates into the strength of knowledge, providing you, the customer, with the most accurate, efficient and cost-effective service experience. Keith's Service Center has already served a generation of customers, and by staying in pace with technology, will continue to do so well into the future.

We'll keep your warranty valid
It is not necessary to service your late-model vehicle at the dealership to maintain your warranty. And if your car is no longer under warranty, we can handle any service or repairs it may need down the road, large or small. Let Keith's Service Center be your South Bay area car specialist.



Contact us now at (310)320-0260, or online. We’re thrilled to get to know you and provide all your automobile service needs!



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